Topkey successfully leverages the technology and quality requirements of our aviation products to produce medical parts. We established good relationships with GE healthcare since 1999. In 2000, Topkey also adapted Jack Welch's low cost policy, and applied it throughout our efforts and technology expertise, Topkey is chosen as the major supplier to provide GE healthcare with composite CT table and accessories.
1.Topkey's customer portfolio of medical products includes healthcare
   company of GE, SIEMENS, PHILIPS, and TOSHIBA, the world-class
   medical equipment supplier.
2. Provided over 15,000pcs composite CT table top and over 100,000pcs
   slope worldwide during past 10 years
Tool design and fabrication.
Lay-up design development .
Sophisticated reverse engineering capability.
Various high temperature and high pressure curing processes by hot press curing and vacuum oven curing.
All parts and accessories management .
Precise CMM measurement by FARO arm.
Partnership with world leading brands for medical products .