Cosigned the Letter of Intent for cooperation with the National Taipei University of Technology on January 6th.

Awarded by MERIDA for the best supplier on January 18th.

Awarded by ZODIAC Aerospace for the best supplier of 2013.

CSC was awarded by Boeing for the “Boeing Performance Excellence Award(BPEA) of 2013.

Awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the shortlist of the 2nd Taiwan Mittelstand Award on February.

Awarded by Specialized and Wilson for the best supplier on March 20th.

Officially received, NADCAP, a composite process certificate (AC7228 PAR Rec.C) on May 1th, 2014.

TOPKEY CORPORATION got the Certification of AFNOR AS9100Rev C successively.

Chairman Walter Shen received the"103 Outstanding Alumni Award" from the National Taipei University of Technology on November 1st.

R&D Division succeeded in study TP UD Prepreg applied to the shell and protective parts of 3C electronic product.
On April 22nd, Topkey Group applied for IPO to Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE)
On June 18th, qualify for listing application through TWSE board meeting.
The subsidiary Keen Tech Composite Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen approved of ISO 14001  Certification.

On Oct. 9th, Topkey stock officially traded at TWSE.

Aviation & Medical Business Unit of Keen Tech was approved of AFNOR AS9100Rev C/ JIS Q9100:2009/ EN 9100:2009 Certification.

Topkey was awarded “ The Best Corporation Volunteer Team of 2013” on Nov. 09, 2013 Taichung Corporate Volunteer Day.
The meaningful Volunteer Day program was organized by Topkey Foundation, Taichung City Government and other companies.

Topkey Foundation, Taichung City Government, and National Museum of Natural Science jointly host “Taichung Corporate Volunteer Day” on Dec. 23th, 2012.
Keentech Corporation was awarded Credit Management A Class Corporate Certification by Xiamen Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on Sep. 3th, 2012.
Establishment of new generation of phenolic resin formulation & development of 2mm thickness of carbon composite laminate.
Upgraded C Class of AS9100.

Collaboration with Sogerma to develop seat system for Boeing 787 All-Business Class aircraft and delivery fulfill scheduled to be in 2013.

TF002 resin formulation applied into commercial aircraft seat system.

PU base top coating and paint applied into bicycle painting line.

UV top coating applied into racket painting line. 

20~40mm thickness of carbon composite laminate with high Tg resin system applied into medical component application.

November : Topkey Foundation co-sponsored “Corporate Social Responsibility Forum and Volunteer Service Expo” with Taichung City Government.

October :
Effective since October 20th, RY 100, Topkey was approved by the GreTai Securities Market (GTSM) to become a registered company on the Taiwan stock market.

September :
The chairman of Topkey, Mr. Shen, was exclusively interviewed by CTS News Magazine.

August :
Topkey approved by Financial Supervisory Commission to join make public its financial report, effective since August 31st, RY100.

Topkey ranked the TOP 5000 large enterprise in Taiwan area & the 70th of operating performance in manufacturing industry.

Opening ceremony of the new production line of Cannondale.

June :
Topkey moved the new headquarter to No.8, Industrial Park 11st Rd.

Big Taichung city vice mayor, Mr. Tsai, visited the Xiamen factory.
Capital raised to NT$ 819,000,000.

March :
Donated NT$ 10 million to the Red Cross for Japan 311 earthquake.

December : Founded the Topkey Foundation.
November :
Capital raised to NT$ 700,000,000
Topkey participated in ACCM-7 held by Taipei International Convention Center. Received excellent product innovation prize with its composite material tooth mold.
October :
The high quality of composite material bicycle key parts received the certification of new product & new technology from Xiamen municipal Economy Development Bureau. It also received the second prize award in Xiamen municipal new product award.
July :
The Specialized sponsored cycling team Astana’s cyclist, Alberto Contador, used the bicycle frame made by Topkey and won the championship in the 79th Le Tour de France.
June :
The Topkey-made New Aeropro Drive tennis racket for Babolat helped received the best record ever in its 135 years of business. Both Nadal and Schiavone, whom carried off the bell in the men single and in the women single, used this racket.
March : Topkey received the technology innovation award from GE.
Ceremony of capping the roof at subsidiary company Xiamen XinHongZhou’s Hou Hsi plant.
The opening ceremony of the new A3 plant for Babolat production line.
Participated in the SAMPE’s Conference & Exhibition at Tianjin, China.
Capital raised to NT$ 195,500,000- the first capital increase.
Capital raised to NT$ 350,000,000- the second capital increase.
Partnered with Autrialian company, Bladerider, and produced light racing sailboat.
Topkey introduced by JEC magazine.
The BusinessWeekly magazine in Taiwan interviewed the chairman, Shen Wen-Chen.
Bought down 190 mu of land as the new production base for new aviation product and other product.
On May 29th, Topkey general manager, Chen Ching-Ta, received the “13th central district outstanding management award” from the Chinese Professional Management Association of Taichung.
The Aerospace medicine department of Xiamen plant received the AS9100B certification.
Supply system went from Solvent Type to Hot Melt, decreased the use of solvent.
The Taichung plant received the AS9100B certification
The Singapore airline’s A380 airplane installed with Topkey-made business class seats took off for test fly.
Received the ISO-9001:2000 and ISO-13485:2003 certification and started put into function.
Set up of the new information system, ERP.
The west plant’s Securities Department and Technology Design Center building opened.
On October 25th, the “Aircraft Cabin Seat System-big jet improved version business class seat” received the 11th medium and small business innovation prize.
West district plant construction completed
Self-manufactured heat resistant, smoke-free, and toxic-free fire resistant material received Aero Standard ABD0031 and FAR25.853 certification.
Partnered with Recaro Aircraft Inc. to design economic flight business class and economic class seats.
July :The IDIADA safety helmet applied to test for COP certification .
Received International Quality System certification, DNV ISO 13485 (1996 version).
HsinLin C plant completed and put into function. November
November : Received International Quality System certification, DNV ISO-9001 (2000 version).
Partnered with Babolat to produce high performance tennis racket.
Contracted with General Electric (GE) on medical and hospital bed development plan.
Set up new subsidiary company, Yu Quan Technology Co, Ltd, designing and manufacturing safety helmet, auto parts, and all kinds of lenses.
Received Northrop Grumman’s product quality certification.
Received ISO-9001:1994 certification.
August : Contracted with Bell Helicopter Textron to produce engine cowling, Nacelle Panel.
Capital raised to 135,500,000.
With Dunlop Slazenger, designed the Grass Hockey.
With Bridgestone and Panasonic, designed and manufactured the high quality composite cycle frame.
With Austrian manufacturer, Dlouthy, designed the double-purpose wheelchair for sitting or lying down for ambulance.
CSC received golden quality award from McDonnell Douglas.
Started manufacturing for McDonnell Douglas the leading new the ram air-pipe parts product, MD-11.
Partnered with U.S. Air Force to manufacture C5A retrofit lavatory.
Partnered with Raisbeck to manufacture the engine cowling, Stage III QNP.
Contracted with Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) to manufacture composite parts for IDF jet.
Signed with French company, Dassault and Gallet, to design and manufacture the safety helmet.
Received the Center-Satellite Factory System certification from AIDC.
Manufactured high performance tennis racket with Japanese corporation, Bridgestone.
Innovative breakthrough on increasing manufacturing efficiency (60 days to 30 days) and management.
Merged in the American aerospace composite parts manufacturer, NTP and renamed it as C.S.C., Composite Solution Corp.
Mass produced the monocoque bicycle for European brand, Scott, and American brand, Schwinn.
Received ISO-9002:1994 certification.
Innovative design, the monocoque bicycle frame.
Innovative design, the composite material safety helmet.
Designed for McDonnell Douglas the leading new the 150-pound-less ram air-pipe parts product for business class seat, MD-11.
Imported the Taguchi Method.
Imported Reactive Injection Molding (S-RIM) to manufacture thermoplastic tennis racket.
Imported JIT manufacture efficiency management system from Japanese corporation, JEMCO, improved manufacture and management process.
Partnered with Mizuno Corp. to manufacture high quality composite material tennis and badminton racket.
ISet up research laboratory and engaged in composite material product innovation. The beginning of industrial upgrading project.
Capital raised to NT$ 113,400,000.
Designed TP thermoplastic tennis racket, Vortex, and mass supplied to Prince Brand.
Utilized new manufacture and management idea to build the new Xiamen factory with yearly racket and helmet production of 1.5-million.
Cycle and aerospace product research and development commenced.
Capital raised to NT$81,000,000
550 Employees & Monthly production raised to 120 thousand rackets.
Partnered with world renowned brand, Prince, to manufacture thermosetting racket.
Set up Hsin Fung factory, Xin Trade Company, vertical intergration supply chain. Beginning of company transformation.
Quality monitoring system commenced.
Self-research and development on high performance equipment (prepreg machine, cope closing machine, vulcanizing machine, computer control cutting machine, and etc.). Upgraded the production to monthly 60,000 rackets and 400 employees.
Signed with Sumitomo and produced carbon fiber golf club.
Improved Yarning, Dual Drum Winding Prepreg machine.
Signed with Sumitomo the BMC contract.
Set up factory in Korea and produced and sold tennis racket in local area.
Capital raised to NT$ 60,000,000.
Partnered with World renowned brand, Wilson and manufactured advanced composite racket.
Imported automatic equipment to enhance productivity.
Partnered with Sumitomo Corp. to research and develop light composite Dunlop tennis racket and soft tennis racket.
Capital raised to NT$ 50,000,000.
Capital raised to NT$ 30,000,000 and 250 employees.
New factory in Taichung industrial district. Devoted in OEM and ODM research and development and manufactured high value and high performance racket. Productivity raised to monthly 30,000 rackets and 110 employees.
Capital raised to NT$ 10,000,000.
Signed with Dunlop Slazenger and manufactured high performance composite material tennis, squash, and badminton rackets.
Signed with U.K BTR on research and development.
Increased to 70 employees.
July :
Topkey founded with capital value of NT$ 2,000,000 and 15 employees.
Started manufacturing carbon fiber tennis racket with logo in Feng-yuan, Taichung.