Topkey has been focus on developing composite application for over thirty years. The outstanding techniques and management abilities are important factors that Topkey has achieved remarkable success in products.
Topkey has gained the support of the most popular brands for tennis-racket in the world.
Over 40% of the first top 20 tennis players use Topkey’s products, including famous players such as “Rafael Nadal”, “William Sisters”, “Jo-Wilfried Tsonga” and “Li Na”, etc.
Topkey’s carbonization bicycle stands have successfully gained more than 25% market share in the sector.
The technique of carbonization bicycle stands originated from Topkey.
We service with customers such as “Specialized” and “Cannondale” which are two of the global top five brands.
The technique of carbonization composite UDPP originated from Topkey.
Complete combination of supplying and producing components and fabricate technique.
Topkey is the largest racing helmet manufacture in the world, and average unite price of the products is 500 US dollars.
Producing of Winglets, Wing Fairing, Window Frames and ECS ducts for commercial aircraft and helicopter.
Producing of A380 Business Class Shell & major composite parts of most economic seats for all commercial aircrafts.
Producing nuclear magnetic resonance medical beds for the top 4 brands in the world, “GE (General Electric Company)”, “Siemens AG”, “Philips” and “Toshiba”.
Successfully gaining nuclear magnetic resonance medical beds over 90% market share in the sector.